Beginner’s Guide to Golf Clubs

A lot of beginners find golf to be hard and complicated. If you are one of them, you probably don’t have any idea what bogeys, birdies, and bump–and–runs, means. These may be the words that golf experts speak everyday but it can scare a newbie before he even decides to pick up a club and play. This article aims to help beginners choose the best golf clubs that can help them enjoy their golf game.

All about golf clubs

There are several clubs used in playing golf. You don’t have to buy the most expensive club in order to start playing golf. You should focus in learning the right equipment that can best help you in your golf games. You can carry 14 clubs in your golf bag but you won’t need that much when you are just starting. Choose a putter, a driver and a sand wedge. Clubs that have an 18 – 21 degree of loft are the ones that are easiest to get airborne. You can buy a titanium driver club for as low as $75 on online shops. You can also find a lot of used clubs that have high discounts in a general sporting goods store.

Try out clubs before buying them. Don’t just buy blindly. Ask an expert inside the store on what are the best clubs that are well-suited for beginners. Try a club that has a stiff-flex shaft. You can also choose a 6-iron regular flex clubs. Once you are able to see improvements on your games, you can do a club fitting to see if you can handle some of the clubs that are used by pros.

If you are not into sports such as hockey, baseball, softball or tennis, choose woods that have more loft. The ball flies straighter, and more loft can reduce side spins. Choose a 17-degree fairway woods instead of a 15-degree one.  You can use hybrid clubs instead of a 4- and 5- irons. Use clubs that are especially made for beginners. If the club has a wide sole, then you can put higher trajectories on your shots. The center of gravity is lower when the iron is concentrated on the sole. The ideal measurement of width of a sole is 2 fingers. You can try to find the right iron by browsing the internet or asking an expert inside a golf shop.