Best Practices in Playing Golf

One of your family or friends invited you out to play golf, and you are not sure what the etiquettes on or off the course are. It may look complicated and the more you play, the more it will be confusing. The good news is that we are here to bring you the protocols of golf, and what you should do when you’re playing.

You should not lag behind. Other players welcome a fast golfer. It doesn’t mean that you should run to the ball or rush your swings. It just means that you do 2 or 3 practice swings and you are ready to hit the ball when your turn comes. It will leave a lot of time to chat with the other player, but don’t talk when someone is getting ready to hit the ball.

It is important to wait for your turn. There will be total mayhem when all of the players decide to hit at the same time. When you are playing golf, the person with the highest score on the previous hole has the privilege of hitting the ball first. The person furthest from the hole gets to hit next. There are also instances that the group that you are with decides to play a ready golf game. That means that whoever is ready to hit can go next.

Yell “Fore” when you see a shot that might hit a person on the course. Shouting “fore” serves as a warning to let other people know that a ball is coming on their way. Never wait. Shout the word as soon as you can see that there’s a chance that a person might get hit with a stray shot. The other rule for this is to shout it loud as you can.

Make sure to keep your distance to someone who is hitting the ball. Golf is played using objects that are blunt and made of iron. You can avoid a lot of accident by staying out of harm’s way. A good practice is to stand several yards away from the ball. Many golfers also don’t want you to interfere with their game. Avoid distracting them. Stay alert and make sure that you are aware of the lines and holes where they are hitting. Others make shots that are hard and fast so it’s better to stay out of harm’s way by being alert.

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